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introduction: the we aims to make sense of each Titan throughout the history of Attack on Titan. They focus particularly on the Cart Titan, which they consider to be underrated. They discuss the design variations and the initial confusion surrounding the appearance of the Cart Titan.

Design and Appearance:
The manga version of the Cart Titan differed from its appearance in the anime adaptation, and this was attributed to the manga artist’s interpretation. The original design of the Titan in the source material was clearly intended to be male. However, the human inside the Titan was not fully revealed until later in the story, causing speculation and confusion among fans.

Capabilities and Abilities:
The primary power of the Titan is its exceptional defense, which manifests in various ways. For instance, the Cart Titan can remain in its Titan form for extended periods, as seen when it remained standing for years. Additionally, the these Titan’s defense allows it to withstand injuries that would otherwise incapacitate other Titans. This ability was demonstrated when the female Titan had to recover after two months of inactivity due to damage sustained during combat.

cart titan
cart titan


Sequential Titan Transformations:
The Titan is unique among the Titans on the ground, aside from the Colossal Titan, in its ability to undergo sequential Titan transformations. While other Titans can perform three consecutive transformations, the Armored Titan can do many more, as long as its body is not completely destroyed. This adaptability enables the Titan to switch between forms, potentially equipping itself with armor, weapons, or even becoming a mobile assault rifle.

Strengths and Speed:
The Cart Titan possesses formidable biting strength, surpassing that of any other shifter, except for the Jaw Titan. Running on the ground grants the Armored Titan incredible speed, allowing it to surprise and overpower unsuspecting enemies. However, this speed also poses a risk, as it can inadvertently harm fellow fighters in the process.

Origin Story and Role:
The Cart Titan originated from the nation of Liberia and its current wielder is a Malian champion. The .The hero, Eren Yeager, was raised by his dad alone, without any notice of his mom. Her father’s illness served as a motivation for her to join the Marleyan military, where she received better medical care. Over time, she became one of the seven champion candidates vying for the Titans’ power. Throughout the series, she has consistently demonstrated astute observation skills.


the delves into the history, abilities, and design of the Titan in Attack on Titan. They analyze its unique traits, such as its exceptional defense, sequential transformations, and remarkable speed. The Titan’s origin story and the protagonist’s journey are also explored, shedding light on the character’s motivations and development. click here

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